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Prize List

2020 - 21 Winter Series Dates

December 5th | January 16th | February 13th | March 13th
Note: Shows will be rescheduled further into the month if we experience inclement weather.

Start Time 10:00 am

Leadline Division (Ponies or quiet horses)

1. Leadline walk
2. Leadline walk trot on line
3. Leadline walk off line over poles

Younger: Walk Trot Equitation (rider 12 years and under riding a pony) for Beginner and Timid Riders

4. Walk Trot Equitation u/s
5. Walk Trot Equitation u/s
6. Walk Trot Combo xrails

Older: Walk Trot Equitation (rider over 12 years or riding a horse) for Beginner and Timid Riders

7. Walk Trot Equitation u/s
8. Walk Trot Equitation u/s
9. Walk Trot Combo xrails

Green: Walk Trot Canter Hunter Division for Green Horses and Ponies open to All

10. Walk Trot Hunter u/s
11. Walk Trot Canter Hunter u/s
12. Walk Trot Canter Hunter Combo xrails  

Cross Rail Equitation & Hunter Division for Beginner Rider and/or Beginner Horses / Ponies

13. Cross Rail Equitation o/f
14. Cross Rail Hunter o/f
15. Cross Rail Hunter Walk Tot Canter u/s

Xrail Jumpers (open to all)

16. Xrail Jumpers
17. Xrail Jumpers

Child Adult Equitation open to any Adult or Child 2’ or 2’6” Can be split between adult and child

18. Equitation o/f
19. Equitation u/s

Icicle Hunter Division @2’ (open to all)

20. Icicle Hunter o/f
21. Icicle  Hunter o/f
22. Icicle Hunter u/s

Froggy Jumpers (open to all)

23. Froggy Jumpers@ 2-2’3”
24. Froggy Jumpers@ 2-2’3”

Happy Hunter Division @2’ 3”

25. Happy Hunter o/f
26. Happy Hunter o/f
27. Happy Hunter u/s

Snow Flake Hunter 2’6”

28. Snow Flake Hunter o/f
29. Snow Flake Hunter o/f
30. Snow Flake Hunter u/s

Rabbit Jumpers Open to all

31. Rabbit Jumpers (2’6-2’9”)
32. Rabbit Jumpers (2’6-2’9”) 


Champion & Reserves

1st - 6th for Hunters and Jumpers

No point series for winter shows and no money classes.


Enter at: paddockplace.com/shows

All entries due Wed before the show
Dress Code: Boots and Britches

$15.00 per class, $18.00 for Jumpers
$10.00 office fee
Neg Coggins test
We take Venmo: Angela@paddockplace.com
Paypal: paddockplace0@gmail.com


We ask that every barn contribute to our Potluck. Paddock Place will provide plastic ware, cups, napkins, tea and coffee, We will also provide one entrée. It is always fun to have free food for everyone to enjoy. This year the loft will be closed, due to Covid, so the food will be on the main level.