Come ride with us. Laugh with us. Meet your new best friend.

We are an English Hunter and Jumpers stable.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for all ages.
On your horse or ours.

We have a high quality training staff with decades of experience.

Angela Wilson Gowl is the cheerful soul behind the success of Paddock Place Stables. She's a horse person through and through, with many years of experience. She loves to teach. She loves her horses. And she loves people who love to ride. If that sounds like you, come by and see us the next time you're in the area. Our facility includes an indoor arena and two outdoor arenas, a 24 stall barn with a wash stall, tack room and a nicely heated bathroom.

Now, if you just can't wait for a visit, we do offer new member online registration for our classes. Take a look at our Lessons page and see what strikes your fancy. We have several available options for all skill levels.

Angie and family
Paddock Place Stables is a family affair: Pictured in our indoor arena left to right, Hannah, Meaghan, Angela and Caleb.

We also offer highly trained lesson horses with almost as much experience.

Paddock Place Stables' training program philosophy is to train our horses for our riders. That means, no matter the rider's experience or skill level, we strive everyday to train our horses to be the expert in the ring. At times, even better trained than their riders. As you might expect, this philosophy goes a long way to keep the little surprises to a minimum. Our horses are all well trained and have years of lesson and show experience. So, you can expect our horses will be ready to ride and show on day one.

You should also know, we take pride in the fact that we raise our own horses and keep them on our farm throughout their lifetime. This makes for a happy safe life for our horses and for everyone who loves to ride, train and show on them.

Meaghan Scheide Atwell and friends enjoying a little bareback riding in the snow.

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