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Paddock Place Stables (formally, Paddock Place Equestrian Center) was Amish built in 1991 and founded by Ronald J. Wilson (the late father of Angela Wilson Gowl) and Donald C. Wilson, his brother and partner. Paddock Place, with its indoor riding arena, 24 box stalls, wash stall, tack room, show ring, training track and practice ring was, according to The Baltimore Sun 1993 article, "about to become the centerpiece of a new housing development for horse enthusiasts." Their vision for the new training facility was to establish a premier venue for Harford County, Maryland horse shows and create a majestic environment for their community residents. The brothers purchased the 273 acre farm in 1988.

Ron WilsonAngie, Kevin, Don & Terri
Ronald J. Wilson
Left to right: Kevin Gowl, Donald C. Wilson, Angela Gowl & Terri Amos

In the year 2000, Angela Wilson Gowl assumed full operation of Paddock Place Equestrian Center. Working with another trainer, Angela built a strong riding school offering riding lessons to all ages and skill levels in the Harford County community. Boarding was available for students, lesson horses were available to half lease. The two trainers assembled a large show team competing at local associations with their riders. Paddock Place also became a popular venue where they hosted many shows.

In 2002, Angela continued to build on her success by further growing a high quality lesson program with the assistance of, long time friend and well known trainer, Kevin Gowl who was the first trainer to operate paddock place in 1991. Paddock Place also grew its business by leasing horses and accepting horses for board. Angela's riders became involved in local associations and then went on to show at some A and B shows.

Kevin Gowl was Angela's trainer since the start of Paddock Place. They were later married in 2013 and became the sole owners and operators of Paddock Place, now named Paddock Place Stables. When Angela and Kevin merged their operations, their talents and dedication led Paddock Place Stables to new heights. The team began to dominate their competition in nearly every division where they placed their riders. Paddock Place Stables has many winning riders and horses under its belt. Angela kept those winning horses on the farm and lease them to riders year after year.

Together, Angela and Kevin, became a formidable competitive force in the Maryland region.

See Angela and Kevin's bios below.

KevinAngie & Kevin
Kevin Gowl
Angela & Kevin Gowl
Angie & Kevin with awards.Angie with student and awards.
Angela Gowl, Kathleen Dnanreg & Kevin Gowl: HHSA end of the year Awards banquet
Angela & Eden Hussung

Angela Wilson Gowl

Program Director / Senior Instructor

Growing up with a love for horses and a love for training others to ride.

Angela has been riding and showing her horses for most of her life. Starting with lessons at age 8, then owning and showing her first horse "Sunny" at age 11. From that day forward, the die was cast, Angela was now a horse person and has been one ever since. She continued to grow everyday as a rider, competing in rated events jumping over 3' fences cross-country in and around the state of Maryland. Still at a fairly young age, Angela became interested in Hanovarian Warm Bloods, gaining extensive knowledge in breading and the transfer of their embryos to potential qualified mares.

Angie & Sunny
Angela riding her first horse "Sunny."
Teenage Angela horsing around.
Angela riding Captain Jack.

In the year 2000, Angela took over full operation of Paddock Place Stables with the focus squarely on building a high quality riding program with well trained Paddock Place horses. She now has over 25 years of experience training student riders at all levels. Angela is a true horse person, she has broken and trained horses, mucked her share of stalls, drove horse trucks and trailers to and from countless shows and events. She is the one that gets everybody ready for their show, keeps them focused and on task until the last rider packs up their gear and heads home for the day. No doubt, with a nice hand full of multi-colored ribbons. Her show teams have competed successfully for many years at all levels. She currently trains beginner to advance riders. Angela also guides, leads and manages the Paddock Place Stables class lessons program.

In loving memory & honor of

Kevin W. Gowl

December 30, 1953 - October 10, 2021
Former Senior Trainer / Instructor

Memories of a lifetime of world class experience.

Kevin W. Gowl, is a well respected name all over the country in the American Horse Show Association, started riding and training at the age of 10. He was one of six children in his family. Kevin and his siblings all rode, competed and showed for many years. It was Kevin, who was given the hardest horses to ride. At the age of 18 he turned professional, competing against the best riders in the country. For many years he traveled all across the US and Canada showing horses for his father, taking long road trips for weeks at a time, campaigning and selling new stock. Kevin rode for 56 years and taught for 40.

Kevin is acknowledged in this Maryland historical book of records and notable people.
Jerry Trone and Kevin Gowl escort Swayo in the paddock of the Maryland Hunt Cup, a race the horse won twice. (Courtesy of Douglas Lees)
Kevin Gowl winning the Puissance Wall Class in Charlotte NC. Jumping the wall at 6'9"

Here are a few of Kevin's highest riding achievements:

  • Champion at Harrisburg and Washington International
  • Champion at Toronto Canada and Oklahoma City
  • Champions at Devin, wining 3 out 5, where he was nominated top rider that week
  • Winning the Governor's Cup at Devin, PA
  • Winning the Indianapolis Grand Prix
  • Winning the Puissance Wall Class in Charlotte NC. Jumping the wall at 6' 9"

At Washington International, Kevin beat 7 other country's Olympic teams in the International Speed Competition as an individual rider for the United States. He rode the Presidents Cup, where he managed to get around the huge Rhode Island Suicide Course, where 5 other horses fell. One year in Florida, on the circuit, he was undefeated in his Jumper division against 75 other horses in 7 classes. Three of the horses he trained went on to become horse of the year in the Hunter divisions.

Kevin W. Gowl, 67, of Pylesville, Maryland, and beloved husband of Angela Wilson Gowl, passed away on Sunday, October 10, 2021. We miss you Kevin.

Kevin's Obituary