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Horse Shows

Paddock Place Stables host two show series throughout the year. Fun In The Winter Hunter Jumpers Schooling Show and the Fun In The Sun Hunter Jumper Show series. Our winter series runs from December through March. The summer series runs from March through October. Both series offer classes for beginners to advanced riders. We have Equitation Divisions, Hunter Divisions and Jumper Divisions. Show series competitors can sign up for shows and track their show point standings on this page.


Fun In The Winter Hunter Jumpers Schooling Show Series

At Paddock Place Stables

December thru March

We even make riding in the cold weather fun

Our Fun In The Winter Hunter Jumpers Schooling Show Series helps trainers and riders bring beginner riders and beginner horses into competition. The winter shows also keep riders riding and their horses going through the cold months when their rings are frozen.

Meaghan Scheide Atwell and friends enjoying a little bareback riding in the snow.

Paddock Place Stables created and hosts this winter show series for anyone interested in attending. We wanted to keep the series affordable and safe as possible. Upon reading this you may notice a few things that may be different than what you are use to:

  1. There are under saddle classes held at the beginning of the day for beginner riders, as well as for seasoned riders, to try to eliminate the need to school. Especially in the indoor.
  2. Every division starts with an under saddle class to allow the rider and horse to properly warm up for the jumping classes.
  3. We have included a warm-up class. This warm-up class will allow each rider the opportunity to jump any course of eight jumps he/she chooses. This is different from most shows, because the show determines the course. By doing this, each warm-up rider will be allowed to jump a course of fences the rider would most like to school.

We can guarantee the indoor will be dust free with proper footing (footing is added every winter and everyone here loves it). If the show is held inside, we will provide some areas where horses can stand in the indoor with trainers and spectators.

The balcony will also be available for people. Weather permitting, we will hold the show in the outside ring (the ring the horses rode in this year at HHSA). This series will provide a place for people to come who may need an indoor during the colder months or an outdoor with better footing. A place for schooling beginner riders, green horses, or just a place to keep your horse going. Everyone will be parked in the driveway. There should be no worries of getting stuck, we have plenty of parking.

We would like for each farm to participate in bringing a food item or drinks. We will have a pot-luck at every show. If we get some size to these shows we will ask a vendor to attend.


Fun In The Sun Hunter Jumper Series

At Paddock Place Stables

April thru October

Photo credit: Heather Oettel
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our idea of summer fun is lots of good jumper competition

The Fun In The Sun Series is the time for competition and is pointed for each division. The series includes Thoroughbred Incentive Points (TIP), which is a Jockey Club Program that helps race horses find a new career, like Hunter Jumper showing. The series is also a qualifier for the Colonial Classic Local Champions' Finals, which is a championship competition for all local riders who are in the top 3 of their division(s). Membership is required.

Hannah Scheide | Photo credit: Heather Oettel
Meaghan's Horse
Hannah Scheide, Ashling O'Callaghan
Hannah Scheide
Angela Gowl, Program Director / Instructor
Ashling O'Callaghan

Current Point Standings

Fun in the sun series
Photo credit: Heather Oettel